The Sound Of Music

I love music. I love just about all music…. I’m not too fond of hip-hop or even hick-hop, but my tastes are varied. I do have a favorite genre, though. I love 80’s rock. To the annoyance of my wife, I’ve passed that same love and appreciation on to my daughter. It’s pretty cool to have my teenage daughter jamming to Guns N’ Roses while riding in the Jeep. I think the thing that I love most about music is how some songs take me back to specific points in time while other songs just move my soul. I can get in my Jeep with the doors off and the music all the way up and everything somehow just feels better.

Certain songs take me back in time. “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers takes me back to a time when I’d putter around the yard with my grandfather (the best man ever). “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” takes me back to the sidewalk in front of my house back in 1979 where I spent my summer with my first childhood crush. I can still remember looking at the Emerson radio all thinking how cool it was when I heard those first words. Every time I hear Hootie sing “I Only Wanna Be With You” I can close my eyes and see my son sitting in his car seat singing along without a care in the world. I get taken back to driving my Nissan Skyline, with my dog Bo riding shotgun, going way too fast on the winding road to the jungle on the island of Okinawa whenever I hear any song from Kid Rock’s “Cocky” album. Other songs can invoke strong feelings or emotions. “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carrey and Boyz II Men brings up feelings of sadness at those we’ve lost. “That Old Rugged Cross” (one of my favorites!) keeps my faith in God alive by reminding us of the sacrifice of Christ. There are hundreds of songs that I could relate to and this would end up being an encyclopedia instead of a posting.

A few months ago, I discovered a song that I feel describes my battle with Multiple Myeloma perfectly. It touches on so many of the things that I, as a patient, have struggled with mentally and physically. The song is called “The Light” by Disturbed. The song’s lyrics and music are inspirational and motivating to me. I highly encourage you to listen to the song and see for yourself. Now… it is heavy metal and you might need to get the lyrics to be able to keep up with it, but it is well worth it. Lead vocalist and lyricist David Draiman says:

“The message for ‘The Light’ is one of positivity. Most people are quite apprehensive about the ‘dark’ periods, and experiences of their lives. However, sometimes those dark periods of time are a necessary path we must take in order to finally see, ‘the light,’ so to speak.”

Isn’t that the truth! In my ongoing war with Multiple Myeloma, I’ve had some pretty low times and I’ve come through them seeing the good in so many things. I’ve come to look at my cancer as not just a disease, but something that I must go through before I see the light. I can’t change the fact that I have this disease. I can’t see the logic in trying to figure out how I got it or how long I’ve got to live with it. I can’t control those things. I can control how I react to it, though. My choice is to go through the good times and the bad times being mindful to keep an eye out for that light because sooner or later the darkness will end and the light will once again shine so that I can see all the beauty in this world…. after all…. there is a lot of beauty left for me to see.

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